Friday, 26 March 2021

Captain underpants

Date Finished Title, Author Synopsis - Brief story outline Link to my critical review 26/3/21 Captain underpants Dav Pilkey It's about 2 kids writing comics for everyone to read it and enjoy it My favourite part was when he said tra la la and superman and batman was old and couldn't not be bothered.

Friday, 19 March 2021

Saint Patrick's Day

St Patrick’s Day

ON  Wednesday it was Saint Patrick’s Day. ON Saint Patrick’s  Day we went to church in the canopy.The Mass took for ages, when Mass was finished we went back to class playing a game called kahoot, I thought it was easy but I was wrong it was hard.

When the bell rang I changed into my PE gear then went to line up under the canopy to hear our house team. Mrs Ballot called out the teams and my friend Paul was in my team. When we started playing we went to Mr Bell and played Ki O'Rahi.  After all the games were finished, we had ice blocks and Mrs Bullot told us who won and the winning team  was 

my friend Alex's team that won and after that we went home.

At mass Mr Bell  was playing songs about

 Ireland. The game was fun when I went to Mrs Kyle and played numbers and the little kids were allowed to shoot and I easily blocked  the other team.

Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Ready for learning.

MY times tables


Smart Learner is a free website that teaches you different math. And corrects you when you make a mistake i had a lot of fun playing maths timetable.

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Athletics Day

Last week we had Athletics at school. It is always my favourite day at school because I love sport.

When the bell went I went and pulled on my yellow top and black shorts and then I was playing in the park.

After the bell went to sit down and I waited for my team to get their water bottles.

First I went to Mr Bell and played shotput with the ten year old boys and girls. I came first for the yellow team. I kept on winning my races and even my relay team won. After all the races were over, we sat down and said prayers and then ate lunch.

After lunch we waited for the tug of war teams. I was in one team and we had to pull the rope against the blue team. We won. Then we watched the clue team against the red team and my friend Alex was in the green team. All the teams played against one another and in the finals we beat Alex's team.

I was happy because we came second overall and green came third, and red team in fourth place. It was a great day.


Wednesday, 21 October 2020

The best day of my life

One day during the last school holidays I went to play in a rugby tournament at Dunkirk Park. I had to be there before ten o’clock. I felt very nervous but also excited. Mum dropped my younger brother, John and me off at the grounds.

At first we had to have a roll call and they gave us jerseys to wear. My jersey was red, black and white and the team was called the Canterbury Dragons. There were ten other teams. They told about some rules for the day but they really wanted us to have fun.

Next we had to train with our teams. My coach Steve was really good and made us feel confident. He reminded us to drink water as much as we could. After that we walked onto the field for our first game.

Then we versed the South Bulldogs and they were a very strong team but we still won. We beat them by 5 points. After that we versed the Auckland Lions who were winning in the first half. My coach Steve said to play hard and have fun.

After that we played the second half really well and we kept scoring points. My coach was cheering my team and the other team as well. In the end we were the winners.

I love playing rugby and especially being in tournaments when my family can watch me play. I can’t wait for the next one.